hello dudes.

Meet the madlads. Well, not literally - but you get the idea.

First Contact

Jodie Foster thought we were worth listening to.
We're the purple cow in Seth Godin's story.

Driving through the countryside, you might marvel at the beautiful landscape and the farm animals that seem to be everywhere.
A brown cow is exciting at first,
especially when you’re from the city and haven’t seen a real cow before.

But after a while, you’ll be seeing more and more brown cows. You realize that brown cows are everywhere, and they’re actually kind of boring.

But what if you then saw a PURPLE COW?! Now that would be remarkable! That’s something you’ll go and tell all of your friends about.

We're the purple cow in Seth Godin's story.

We’re a group of people, who were stuck between old rules in a changing world. Instead of sitting back and watching the world go by we decided to act upon our impulses.

We like to dream; we like to realize our dreams – and most of all we want to realize the dreams of everyone else too.

We're the purple cow in Seth Godin's story.

By mixing in flavors of new and exciting experiences with tried and tested methods we managed to create delicious tastes for everyone to enjoy.

We're the purple cow in Seth Godin's story.

Finding it hard to ignore our inner voices screaming “let’s get going” to us – we finally succumbed to our desire to shout “yep – THIS is us!” together for the first time.

We're the purple cow in Seth Godin's story.

Making sure to not shy away from solutions involving a better process and a nimbler path while wearing a cooler hat paid off, enabling us to envision, create and process at the speed of our creativity.

Facing obstacles, nuances and trenches on our way really fires us up in a way that we think only Barney Stinson could phrase properly: Challenge accepted!

What are we up to?

In other words, what’s our deal?
design experiences

As Madlads, we listen to you, understand what you need and design experiences to fit.

create content, design experiences and package them neatly into a proper report

We develop projects for your marketing activities – create content, design experiences and package them neatly into a proper report meant to be understood by humans.

what you’ve been wanting to communicate.

All we expect from you is what you’ve been wanting to communicate. Leave it to us to manage your resources with precision and meet goals.


The new kid on the block;
We’re here to help with the
love-hate relationship.

It’s not that easy.

But it doesn’t have to be hard either.

We’d like to have a long and hard conversation about how important social media is – but guessing you already know what we mean, we’re going to save you some time and get right to it.

Social media likes attention, thrives on persistence and demands delicate care.

Creative Stuff

“oh my god!”
- Client (probably)


Pens down.

Content isn’t king, it’s a kingdom

Though not big fans of a feudal mindset, it’s hard to disagree with this message. Taking a deep dive into your needs is a paramount step in assessing the situation for us.

Countless notes and evaluations later we’ll be ready to set up your very own kingdom.

Combining all this work into ebbs and flows is the final piece we need to create the notes our orchestra will be playing.



The perfect design is when you have nothing left to cut.

We don’t shy away from pulling out clutter out of designs to make sure the part that shines is the message.

“A brand is a promise…
…a good brand is a promise kept."

The crossroads of an effective communication plan, striking visuals and the correct vision is where the magic happens.

We design branding promises that you can keep.



In a world where one picture is traded at an exchange rate of a thousand words; we’re in the business of providing you with solutions that are worth hundreds of thousands by the second.

We’re not here to tell your story – we want to create a story worth telling.

The Perfect *(event) Plan

From planning to execution; we’ll be your best partners in crime yet

make them feel special

Set your targets, we’ll be finding the best path towards it.

If you’ve set your sights on the goal and decided on who’ll be needed to reached – you’re basically halfway there.

We’ll be creating best practices on how to reach them and make sure the response is “yes!”. Figuring out the best way to wine and dine them is going to be the beginning of your perfect day.

let them lose themselves with delicious entrees in gorgeous venues

there’s a place for everyone that they can’t say “no” to.


Since you’re already reading these lines, you’ve already met with the team that will find these hidden gems for you.

We believe it’s a fundamental human right to be spoilt by delicious appetizers.

all eyes will be on them – or at least their lanyard, when they enter the room.

or they create their own attention with simple phrases like “ah sorry, I was on mute”.

Every person that you’ve invited to the event – everyone that’s sniffed about it from here or there, will be firmly in our gaze from the moment they enter the room – be it digital or real.

We’ll make sure to alert you of every move.

request a song and sing together while gazing into their eyes.

if you think you’ve listened to the best song and played the best game, that’s probably because we’ve only just met.

Sometimes we help people sing their hearts out – or let them dance away, or sometimes there’s a workshop that’s to be experienced together. Whatever it is, we make sure to hear “oh my god, what a great event” at the end of the day.

We’ve gotten used to hearing this at every event – we just want to get you hooked onto the feeling too.

if you haven’t managed to get their number yet, we’ll make sure to get it for you.

digital or physical

after a delightful evening together, if you decide to contact your guests after the fact; we’ve got you covered with reports and contact information.

Connecting People

Sorry Nokia, but someone should actually do it.

Polo is jam packed with tons of features that will give you the power to create the web as you always wanted.


We’re weirdly obsessed about
connecting people – no matter wherever
they are on the planet.

While we’re working on getting extra-terrestrial communication going, we’re quite proud to say that we love connecting people all over the earth.
Thanks to our overly competent production technology and know-how; digital events and live streams have become widely used in our toolset.
Just say the word.

Get In Touch

Dont be shy. We'd love to hear a word or two from you, even if it's just to chit-chat or a simple inquiry. While the easiest way to reach us would be e-mail (hey@madlads.com.tr), we're pretty active on social media too. Just select your poison from the list below and start typing away.

Esentepe Talatpaşa Caddesi No:5
Harman Sok. Girişi,
34394 Şişli / İstanbul